"Challenged Outdoorsmen of America - Northeast Texas Outdoors Upcoming Event"

"Upcoming event of COA-NETO"

Challenged Outdoorsmen of America - Northeast Texas Outdoors Chapter

Let's Go FISHING!!


What: Fishing derby for special children

When: Saturday April 13, 2013---------- 9:00 AMó12:00 Noon

Where: Gatlin Farm, Longview, Texas

Why: The Goal of COA is to encourage the development of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, teamwork and self-assurance for all participants. COA is a non-profit organization established to provide persons with disabilities and youth the opportunity to experience the outdoors without limitations. Open to all Special persons and youth at no charge.

Note: This event is for special children ages 4 to 16. Transportation to and from event is responsibility of parent/guardian and each child must be attended by parent/guardian.

IMPORTANT Information: To participate in this event this registration/release/map document must be downloaded, printed and mailed to COA-NETO prior to fishing derby.

CLICK to download.

Please carefully follow all instructions on document. If you are unable to download and print call (903)746-3044 and request a copy be mailed to you.

click to download EVENT FLYER

For information and to register for future events call Darren Turner at (903) 746-3044, Michael Jarvis (903) 897-2813 or email coa-neto@inbox.com. Fishing gear will be provided. Lunch will be provided. No Fishing license required

If you wish to volunteer to help with this Derby, please contact Us at (903) 746-3044

For information about COA-NETO click here www.coa-neto.com



Challenged Outdoorsmen of America is a non-profit organization that organizes and hosts events for challenged individuals to enjoy God's great outdoors through the pursuit of whitetail deer and fishing. COA works with the US Army Corps of Engineers on Corps land to provide hunts for challenged individuals and also introduces youth to hunting and fishing through their youth events. To find out more about Challenged Outdoorsmen of America and/or to volunteer of your time or suggest a hunter/fisherperson; click on this link -- CHALLENGED OUTDOORSMEN

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